Apply for an Exhibition at Tranen

Applications for an exhibition at Tranen Contemporary Art Center 

Tranen contemporary art center is a legendary contemporary art space focused on new and experimental art from Denmark as well as the international art scene. The aim is to explore art in the future tense, presenting 6 shows a year. Tranen’s exhibition and discursive programme is curated by Artistic Director Charlotte Sprogøe.

Tranen will from 2017 onward return to its original praxis of curating and commissioning the greater part of its exhibition programme. Professionel artists and curators are still welcome to send in exhibition proposals for an exhibition period all proposals will be looked through.

Procedure for applying for an exhibition period at Tranen:

Upcoming application deadlines will be announced on this page.

After the application the director reviews all submitted material.  Applicants should expect a response time of min. 8 weeks after the application deadline.

Applications must as a minimum include the following information

– Name and contact information
– Applicant’s CV (for group exhibitions submitted all exhibitors CV)
– A brief project description that clearly expresses the main idea behind the exhibition and briefly describe the applicant’s artistic practice in general.
– Relevant photographic documentation.. Sketches, works, past exhibitions and projects (for group exhibitions submit imagery from all exhibitors).
– Please enclose stills, DVD, catalogs, prints, postcards, etc. Please no emails of more than 10 MB in total.
– Tranen reserves the right to reject an application if the supplied digital material can not be displayed

These conditions must be met before the application can be considered. Further inquiries and questions about Tranen can be directed to

Anna Tolstrup Jensen, leder af Kultur, Oplevelser og It, Gentofte Kommune
+45 39 98 58 05 / + 45 29 38 81 93

Tranen is in charge of curatorial decisions, planning of discursive events and covers pr, mediation, marketing, installation and transportation costs of the artworks as well of  opening event and the insurance of all artworks in the exhibition. Tranen will not be able to co-finance the production of works of art.

Floor plan

IMG_4255IMG_4249Traneudstillingen 050