Current Exhibition

On Performance

Kristoffer Akselbo
Benjamin Valenza & Labor Zero Labor


The second phase of the Art & Life – Social Aesthetics Obscured  season programme presents the exhibition On Performance – Social Aesthetics Obscured – An exhibition in which the Danish artist Kristoffer Akselbo and the French artist Benjamin Valenza and the collective Labor Zero Labor experiment with the exhibition and performance format. The artistic production unfolds as a Life-Force, a force field of creative production wrapped into The Experience Economy, conditions of production and reach in public space today – with the location of Tranen – on the edge of reality –  as a starting point.

Kristoffer Akselbo presents the performanceinstallation #VanGoal where you will meet a character in sportsclothes, who in Dutch invites you to play “panna”, streetfootball, on the turf of Tranen. The hashtag #VanGoal and the character´s red hair and beard cast your mind to the master painter Vincent Van Gogh, whose works have been reproduced for infinity and who just as football engraves everyday life.

While Kristoffer Akselbo´s turf stretches out in the library hall and invites you to join the game, Benjamin Valenza and the collectice Labor Zero Labor invites you into the exhibition space to experience the videoinstallation. The ubiquity of the visual media is questioned in the videoinstallation aswell as the option to streame and create transmissions online. Artistic endeavors and the mass media are inseperable and the line between sender and receiver, art and reality blurred.

#vangoal performances in Tranen

During the exhibition period you can experience Kristoffer Akselbo´s performance in the following hours:

7/4 kl. 17-19, 10/4 kl. 15-17, 18/4 kl. 15-7, 22/4 kl.11-13, 25/4 kl. 15-17, 2/5 kl. 15-17, 6/5 kl. 11-13, 9/5 kl. 15-17, 18/5 kl. 11.30-13.30, 20/5 kl. 11-13, 24/5 kl. 17-19.

Kristoffer Akselbo (DK 1974) is a graduate from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Previous exhibition include Aspen Art Museum and Kunstmuseum Bonn, YouTube and Toves.

Benjamin Valenza (FR 1980) is an internationally acclaimed artist. Previous exhibitions include Viafarini DOCVA, Milano, Komplot, Bruxelles, Rowing, London.