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“Knowledge kills action, for action requires a state of being in which we are covered with the veil of illusion.”

Frederich Nietzsche. The Birth of Tragedy. 1872

“To this day the narrative has become a blueprint employed by many tech start-ups, to the point that it has become a gimmick. “We started in a garage” is the equivalent of saying “We met on Tinder”. Nonetheless, the uncanny liveliness of the mythology of the garage within the tech industry reinforces its own importance. It is the belief in the cliché that makes it real.”

Olivia Erlanger & Luis Ortega Govela. Garage. 2018

“To act on behalf of a group seems to free people of many of the moral restraints which control their behaviour as individuals within the group.”

Friedrich Hayek. The Road to Serfdom. 1999

“Americans believe in the reality of “race” as a defined, indubitable feature of the natural world. Racism—the need to ascribe bone-deep features to people and then humiliate, reduce, and destroy them—inevitably follows from this inalterable condition [...] But race is the child of racism, not the father. And the process of naming “the people” has never been a matter of genealogy and physiognomy so much as one of hierarchy. Difference in hue and hair is old. But the belief in the preeminence of hue and hair, the notion that these factors can correctly organize a society and that they signify deeper attributes, which are indelible—this is the new idea at the heart of these new people who have been brought up hopelessly, tragically, deceitfully, to believe that they are white. These new people are, like us, a modern invention.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates. Between the World and Me. 2015

“The actual recipes have been reconfigured for humans using ingredients entirely from the planet Earth. You don’t need to serve onboard a starship in order to cook the recipes I’ve prepared. In fact, this cookbook is the only complete gastronomical reference to all our adventures in the Delta Quadrant.”

Ethan Phillips, William J. Birnes. Star Trek Cookbook. 1999